Backyard Fences and Decks LLC is a family-owned company that takes protecting your family seriously. We have combined substance with affordability to give you stylish fencing choices that compliment your property. Your choices will include some of the thickest and strongest material in the industry with the toughest surfaces to ensure long lasting durability and beauty. Whether you choose vinyl, for its beauty and maintenance-free properties, chain link for its strength and longevity or wood for its natural beauty and economy, you can be sure you have gotten the best deal for your dollar because we have done the shopping for you.

We are a small enough company that we work closely with every installation and have our reputation stamped on each job. Years of experience and training have allowed us to bring installation to a higher level of efficiency, which transfers to our family of customers in the form of quality installation and less labor costs. Choosing a company that has your best interests in mind can be difficult until you call a representative from Backyard Fences and Decks LLC. We listen to your concerns and needs, suggesting the many or few options that will meet your needs and style.

Our Mission

Backyard Fences and Decks LLC wants to provide our community with high quality installation and quality materials at a fair price.