Composite decking, often times mistakenly referred to as “Trex” decking, is a low maintenance decking that has really come a long way. Attractive, natural looking colors can be selected to enhance your home or its features. The color samples can be used exclusively or in conjunction with other colors to give an eclectic flair to your deck. Rails, decking, kickboards, and other parts of the deck can be highlighted simply by selected a complimentary color that adds to your custom designed deck.

Other materials can also mix into the design to creat a unique look or tie construction back to the original architecture. Metal railing or spindles can give the deck an open feel or a southern French influence. Sometimes, metal just adds strength to the overall structure of the deck, but the contrast in materials makes for a bolder look. Matching colors tend to create a more uniform look.

Wood decking can also be combined with composite decking to create an overhead shade structure like a pergola or full canopy. While wood does require more maintenance, its structural integrity and adaptability has not been overtaken by composite yet. If you use wood sparingly enough, the extra work will pay off with added appeal and savings.

Vinyl components, usually consisting of railing or posts wraps keep the maintenance to a bit of cleaning and can really make for crisp lines. While these styles can be more limited, vinyl railing often lends itself greatly to tying new additions to existing architecture since builders have been using vinyl for quite some time.

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