Choosing the Right Fence

  • What is your goal in getting a fence?
  • What type of fence will fit your budget?

Typically there are three reasons people get a fence:

  1. Children and Pets
  2. Privacy
  3. Safety

Fencing the Yard for Pets and Children

Many times home owners need a fence to keep pets and / or children in (or out of) their yard. Fences are a great asset to a home or property for this reason. And we have a variety of fence options to provide you with the right fit for your property and situation.

Fencing for Privacy

You may love your neighbors, but more often then not, they are not family. Privacy fences enclose an area fully and safely. With a privacy fence you can enclose your whole yard or just enough to to create seclusion.

Fencing for Safety

Local building codes require a fence around pools or automatic pool covers. Our pool side fencing options create an affordable, clean, and stylish border for your pool area.

Building a Fence

Fences of all sorts, like any good building project, start at the foundation. Setting the posts to the proper depth and in proper material can make all the difference for long term durability and satisfaction. Depending on soil conditions, usually standard concrete mix is enough. Sometimes a denser concrete is necessary to hold posts in wet conditions. While cedar posts should have no or as little concrete used as possible, because of its porous properties. Instead pea gravel should be used to help wick moisture away and prevent rotting, which is always a concern with subterranean cedar.

Naturally, posts should be set at a depth to compensate for the possible wind load they will carry and low enough to get below the frost line, so they cannot heave up. Lighter materials that catch less wind like chain-link fence and ornamental aluminum fence need less diameter foundations due to less stress laterally; however, if the post is not set at a reasonable depth the post will heave up making for an ugly install.

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