Choosing the right fence to showcase your yard and property while not caring for hiding any features makes choosing a fence easy.  Ornamental fencing, while not providing covered privacy, marks the boundaries of your home or property, enhances the landscaping and creates an attractive barrier, keeping children and pets in and everything else out.  Few fences can withstand incredible wind gusts and provide the low maintenance homeowners crave like ornamental fence.  The open look allows wind to travel through it without incident during spring storms.  The skeletal structure of the design makes the fencing relatively light and unencumbered by the bulky, wind-catching options of other fences.  Aluminum fence comes in several styles and colors with options that make it one of a kind or easy to match with other projects.  While residential grade panels handle most projects, heavier commercial options can be installed if strength and security need an upgrade.  In some cases steel fencing is required in high traffic and commercial areas because of the rugged punishment it can take.