Our line of Vinyl Fencing includes a style for every taste and application, from privacy to picket to plank. The lifetime warranty and maintenance-free care make vinyl (PVC) a great investment, retaining it’s just-installed appearance over time. And most styles are available in beige, tan and gray as well, to complement the look of your home.

The PVC market is quickly outgrowing almost all other fence types. Customers are asking for it because of it’s low maintenance and the great resale value it adds to their home. It just takes an occasional spraying off to clean the vinyl and your done… no painting, staining or sealing needed. You’ll never have to breakĀ out the hammer to nail a board back in or dig up and replace a warped post, as you would with a wood fence. The color stays the same and, since vinyl doesn’t shrink, your privacy fence stays private. Our customers love the Vinyl privacy fence. And more and more the newer subdivisions are specifically allowing and even requiring vinyl privacy fences because of their longer life expectancy and the fact that you do not get an old weathered look, improving the overall look of the neighborhood.

Thinking of having a Home Center to install your fence? Just recently, (August ’08) a Murfreesboro homeowner hired a home center to install their fence. After paying $35 for an estimate the fence took over two weeks to build. When they home center installer hit rock, they asked the homeowner to go rent a jackhammer. When he didn’t, they only dug the post holes (the foundation of the fence) about 6″ deep (instead of 2 feet.) This caused the fence to lean and sway. It looked so bad that the homeowner had them remove it and cancel the order…before it was even completed. But this story has a happy ending. He called us. Now he not only has a sturdy fence that’s going to last but it’s attractive…not the eyesore he almost ended up with.

The material sold in home centers is a lighter-weight PVC. We’ve seen several of their prefabricated panel fences installed around Murfreesboro & Smyrna that have entire pickets broken off. Also, some home centers use wood inside the posts to stiffen them, since the material isn’t as sturdy. Sounds great…but wait. If you have chosen vinyl fencing, chances are it’s because of the maintenance-free aspect of vinyl. Wood deteriorates over time. What happens to your fence when the wood inside these less-sturdy posts rots?

Many home centers use brackets to attach the fence panels, which are unsightly. Also, the vinyl fence panels sold at home centers are usually fixed and not “rackable”, meaning that they can’t be angled to follow the contour of the ground. If your lot is flat, then it’s not so much a problem. If you don’t have small children or pets, then it probably won’t be a problem. If you don’t mind gaps under your fence, then it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you don’t fall into these categories, it might be a problem. We would love to have your business but, most of all, we want to make sure that you know what to look for and what to ask when it comes to fencing. We get many calls from customers who had a home center install their fence or purchased the materials from a home center and installed the fence themselves. We have yet to hear from anyone who was glad they did. All fences and fence companies are not the same.